Friday, September 14, 2012

Finding Robin Hood

One of my interests in the Bardic arts has been the Robin Hood legends and their evolution. These are some of my favorite sources that I used for a class I taught at the East Kingdom, Shire of Panthervale's Lost Tip Archery Event. There's so much you could talk about with the Robin Hood legends. The history of the time, ballads, dramas, outlaws, the evolving folk hero were some that I considered.

 For my class I focused on the "Real" Robin Hood and some of the possible candidates. 
  • Robyn Hood of Wakefield,  c. 1320
  • Hobbehod  c. 1225
  • Robin of Loxley (Robert Fitz Odo) d. 1129
  • Piers Venables  c.1437
  • Roger Godberd  c. 1267
  • Robin Hood, a legend that grew.
Web sites:
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