Monday, July 9, 2007

The Eagle and the Lion

The Eagle and the Lion

The Lord of he Beasts
Met the Lady of the sky
To discuss their estate
Who was greater and why.

“The Eagle” quoth she
“I noble and good—
We fly far from here,
Beyond just the wood.”

“The Lion” he said
“Is brave and strong
Ruler of justice
Righting great wrong

“Your pardon” she said
“If I say
Flight gives me freedom
As I go on my way.

“Nay!” said he
I like where I stand
As far as I can see
This is my land!”

She countered again
“I can see beyond the sea
What is your paltry distance
To an Eagle like me?

The two great foes
Argued onward and on
From one day’s sunset
To another day’s dawn

At last, they grew winded
Stalemated they did cease
In place of “best”
Love did increase.

There must we conclude
That they both did win
For in a year’s time—
A Griffin!

Written by Alienor Hathaway for Bardic Madness 2005 (A.S. 39) --Challenge when animals have a discussion

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