Sunday, May 24, 2009


My favorite French poet is François Villon. He was a bit of a "bad" boy poet of 15th century France but his poetry is masterful and speaks of common life in his time. This poem is based on an acrostic he wrote.

A reading of Villon's Testament By David A. Fein page 37 discusses the particular work I used. There is a preview of those bages at google books here:


Allons-y au départ, c’est l'aventure ou rien
Liaisons d'amour ou amitié main en main.
Ile de France, centre belle
Est-ce que tu es encore fidele ?
Noyant pas dans l’hiver tristesse
Ore de printemps arrive en vitesse
Remplie mon cœur en son jeunesse.

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  1. I wish that you had also included an English translation with this poem. My French is not very good and I had some trouble understanding it, particularly the last line. Here is my translation:

    Let's go to the departure, the adventure or naught
    Bonds of love or friendship hand in hand.
    Ile of France, beautiful center
    Are you still faithful?
    Not drowning in the Winter sadness
    Or does the Spring arrive in speed
    That met my heart in his youth.

    Or should it be translated more literally "Filled my heart in his youth?" Please let me know.