Sunday, May 24, 2009

Praise Poem

I read a praise poem while doing some research on what makes a period Celtic Bard. As it happens, Bard in the original Celtic sense was extremly difficult to attain and involved years of training and was very high in rank. The term was adapted later to define a poet. This poem is actually based on a Taliesin poem.

In the name of the stars,
the populace of Northshield call
Our rise against our foe--
The shield of your kinsman.
Stephen, King by right
I praise you with the aclaim of the Bards.

Strong, worthy of name
With view of Griffin's light
The song of thunder
of oncoming storm
Words-woven to praise
Won by arms by right
Holds my oath, no harm befall him.

Based on the poem praising Gwallawg

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  1. This is a brilliant new poem about the exploits of our King and Northshield based on older Celtic poetry forms. I love to see new poems and songs that describe what is going on in our current middle ages done in a Medieval style. These works not only serve to entertain our members, but also to educate them, much as these works did in the past. I believe these poems and songs about the exploits of our members will be remembered longer than the actual accounts in our newsletters and may cause newer members to go in search of the newsletters to research our history.