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Commedia del Arte Scenario - Wishing Whale Tale

The Jararvellir Fool's Guild's second inception decided we wanted to write our own scenario and lazzi. We went in-depth, choosing names and creating a scenario that could be appreciated by our anachronistic audience. I don't believe it ever got the chance to be performed, but it deserves to be viewed.

ca. 2003 Transcribed from a rediscovered journal.

Scenario conceived by Rascal (Pantalone/Capitano Fracaise), Faris, (Capitano Antonio) Matthew (Dottore D'Amore) Genvieve (Giovanna/Harlequinna) and Moi, Alienor (Columbina/Ursula)

Wishing Whale Tale

Scene I

Dottore needs a servant, he literally runs into Giovanna and ends up hiring her.

A Commission arrives from the Old Capitano Fracaise and Young Capitano Antonio for the Dottore; they each require a special potion.

Scene II

Packing Lazzi Each of the two Capitanos enters at separate times wanting their things packed in their shared trunk, they order Ursula to pack and every time they enter they remove something from their fellow and add what they want.

Capitano Fracaise old artillery tells Ursula, using "misfiring" puns that he needs Ursula to get a special potion from Dottore--he needs to find true love.

Scene III
Shopping LazziGiovanna and Dottore work the audience to find ingredients. Eventually they find they needed special container--a whale shaped bottle- with a previously planted member of the audience.

The Dottore and Giovanna meet up with Ursula and Capitano Fracaise.

Translation Lazzi - Giovanna and Ursula translate for Dottore and the Capitanos--Dottore is from Balogne and the Capitanos are from Verona. The translation is insulting and silly, the servants run away from being slapped once the Capitanos finally figure out they are speaking the same language anyway.

Capitano Antonio decides to "impress" some students. He also wants to be sure that Dottore will NOT tell Capitano Fracaise why he needs help.

The Dottore and Capitanos begin to order ridiculous things for their servants to do. The servants suggest the Capitanos could perhaps get their military physical from Dottore The servants run away to have fun.


Scene IV

Giovanna and Ursula return drunk, dragging along audience members.

The Capitanos and Dottore yell for servants who hide.

Physical Lazzi
The Capitanos physical consist of the Dottore examining them for afar, doing silly things and annoucing they could be pregnant. The Capitanos each get prescriptions for their need, Antonio still won't say what he needs help for.

The leave with the threat of blood letting and run off screaming, followed by Ursula

Giovanna stays to help with the potion lazzi

Potion preparation lazziDottore uses elaborate 'magic' to prepare his potion.

Giovanna is sent finally to give the potions to the Capitanos but she gets them confused because Dottore only had ONE bottle, the whale container. Ursula finds it funny and watches them.

Reaction Lazzi

Capitano Antonio spies Capitano Fracaise drinking "his" potion and attacks, drinks some from the whale jug himself. The two resolve to duel, but each get an uncontrollable hiccups and cannot continue.

Ursula takes away their weapons and offers them toothpicks instead and she fetches the Dottore

Giovanna is instructed to sit on Capitano Antonio to keep him from hiccuping. The Dottore intends to do the same to Capitano Fracaise but Capitano Fracaise says "no".

Giovanna jumps on Capitano Fracaise's back, eventually she ends up with one Capitano in a headlock and another in a foot lock. Ursulagets fed up and finally shouts "The Austrians are coming!" The Capitanos immediately get into attack mode and Giovanna goes flying. The immediate scare cures them of the hiccups.

Ursula reveals that Capitano Antonio now has been giving a potion to make him brave; Capitano Fracaise can find love and since there was just the ONE whale jug and ONE potion they each can get both. The Capitanos exit to search for women and battle. The Dottoreblames Giovanna for the confusion but takes credit for curing the Capitanos of the hiccups.

Ursula watches them all run off, picks up the forgotten whale jug, toasts the audiance, takes a sip, hiccups, giggles and struts off.

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