Monday, January 11, 2010

Banner of the Compass Star

Song is always dedicated to the inspirational Crowns of Northshield.

Sing a song of Northshield sons
And Northern daughters too.
Raise our banner overhead
The Griffin calls to you.

Raise the banner of the Compass Star
Far from home we hold dear,
From gathering storms of warfare
The Griffin Army's here.

You needn't be the boldest
We're one Army in fields of war,
Bugle notes they linger
The might Griffins soar.


Word fame of heart heartbeat
We march to do or die.
The music's in the people,
Free under Northern sky.

Written for Stephen Du Bois and Ailleanne Faelin at Warriors and Warlor XVI (2009), in which I was named Bardic Champion for their reign. I wrote a war song and was so incredibly nervous I was shaking. I'm proud of myself for this one and it's about time I posted it somewhere. I should note that I wanted to write a song to challange myself. I found my inspiration in the Queen fighting on the field at Pensic and also in the beautiful banners that Northshield has.

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