Monday, January 11, 2010

Ophelia's Soliloquy

To live--or die?
Does he love me?
Should I suffer for lost love?
Or rise up against myself?
And end my misery.
To die,
To weep no more.
To end the ache that my heart feels.
I yearn for it.
To die,
To sleep in peace forever.
With my father,
We lays in the dust
For remembrance.
My heart is heavy,
What is to come?
Always fear.
Hamlet, would bear is misfortune,
Forgetting me and going to the unknown.
Why should I bear it?
This wronged lover?
This lady's torment?
The broken spirit?
This lack of justice?
No voice for my pain?
I could end it all.
In a river.

Why do mothers bear it?
To grunt and sweat while giving life?
All the while, facing death?
Yet all dread what is to come.
The unknown beyond that blood and pain of life,
Is what we known not.
Those noble men --
My father, dead.
My true love, mad.
My brother, gone.
Where may I go?
What can I do?
To a nunnery--
Or to a river.
I go.

I don't remember when I wrote this, but I belive it was probably in 2002 when I took a Shakespeare survey course. We read Hamlet and I wanted to give Ophelia words.

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