Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Return of Arthur

Written for the challenge of "Every Ending is a New Beginning"
 "Everyone loves a happy ending, but a happy ending that could be the beginning of another adventure is even better. Present a work that gives a new chapter to a well-known tale or new verses to a beloved song."

I picked a legend that ends with death ('cause dammit A LOT of Medieval/Renaissance stories DO) and decided to do it as Alienor Hathaway, English Lady at the time of Mary who's worried that the natural order of things is a mess with a Queen on the throne. I had to go against Mariessa's feminist views to write it.

The World I live in is in turmoil.

A Queen by divine right can only mean the divine retribution. King Arthur’s gravestone at Glastonbury says “Hic jacet Arthurus, rex quondam, rexque furturs” or ‘Here lies Arthur, king that was, king that shall be.’, Hearing tell of this, King Philip, consort of Her Majesty, Queen Mary, has sworn that he would give up all claims and resign to the rightful King of England, should he return.

Arthur is not dead, but sleeps. The Grail awakens him. Be it from the Wild Hunt or mystic Avalon. God will call forth Arthur should this turmoil continue. For if his people are ever in such dire danger, Arthur is bound as protector to return under the sing of the dragon.

No one knows how he shall come. But in this, my own story, I see his return and with it, the Grail. Military victory, a Britain again made right and God again by our side. When all that is out of order is made in order again and the divine spheres are made right. The suffering give way and the true King shall return.

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