Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Royal Challenge

Returned from Bardic Madness XX with works that were presented. The following is from the Royal Challenge: Wuv, Twoo Wuv…
Quote from the web page:

"As always, wuv is a big part of what bwings us togevver today. King Siegfried and Queen Elizabeth ask for your best songs, poetry, stories, etc. relating to the joy of true love. In return, They will be offering a lovely wooden harp as a prize for Their (or Their designee’s) favorite performance. Extra applause for Princess Bride references or for finding a use for the word “schmoopy”."

A Princess Bride Fan is probably going to recognize that most of these lines were lovingly ripped from the movie and forced into my rhyme.

Death cannot stop true love.
Although it may cause slight delay.
A thousand swords could not sever
The love of someone clever.
Not more noble a cause.
Above a common word and laws.
The link of dead…and not quite.
A man in black, a lady in white.
Behind the masks we wear,
There is true love: it is everywhere.

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